How to use LAN messenger for Internal Team Chat

Local LAN Messenger

LAN Messenger is a instant messaging software for internal team communication through local area network (LAN) without using router internet. every action should be controlled by local chat server. It's has many attractive features including, document sharing, desktop sharing, chat history etc..,

How to use Output Messenger

Download Output Messenger Software: click here

Output Messenger

Output messenger is a one of the best LAN messenger in online market, It's specially made for internal team collaboration, LAN messenger available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, & Android. It's have many features like Slack & Skype. 

Features of Output Messenger:

  • One-to-one chatting
  • Group chatting
  • Audio chatting
  • Video call & conferencing
  • Document sharing
  • Screen & desktop sharing
  • Forward message
  • Reply message
  • Internal mailing
  • Unlimited history logs
  • Multiple view
  • Smiley and Business icons


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